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image: COPD – NHS Lanarkshire

The software solution installed in NHS Lanarkshire was also known as Florence, and was developed by NHS England

This is a text message solution which enables data to be sent and collected directly by health and care professionals’ computer systems. The software visualises the data and creates graphs so that clinicians can see information on their patients’ health. The system can also automatically advise a patient or clinician if pre- agreed action needs to be taken.

This system can support texts from a patients own mobile without the need to download software. The patient or carer supplies blood and temperature readings and replies to symptom questions via a text through a 3G connection.
Clinical parameters can be set for each individual patient by the Specialist Nurse with alerts sent to the clinician’s phone or tablet and shared with the wider team as required. These alerts are based on a decision tree developed by clinical staff and provides an alert to staff that a patient needs to be reviewed.
The Florence system requires minimal set up and the clinician can view the results in formats including graphs, trends, alerts and messages on a secure internet connection.

It has the ability to send texts to give instruction and reassurance. It also serves as a reminder of an appointment or additional health messages.

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