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Home & Mobile Health Monitoring

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HMHM is the use of digital remote monitoring technology to enable patients outside of hospital to receive, record and relay clinically relevant information about their current health and wellbeing. It is used to inform or guide self management decisions by the patient and to support diagnosis, treatment and care decisions by professionals.

Advantages of using HMHM For Citizens

  • Less time spent attending and travelling to appointments
  • Better access to services
  • Increased confidence and capacity to self manage own condition
  • People are more active in own healthcare

For Health and Care Services

  • Better availability of data to assist diagnosis and early intervention
  • Greater patient adherence to treatment
  • Provision of care – right time, right place complementing existing services
  • Productivity gains resulting from less travel and timely face to face contacts
  • Better value for NHS resources

HMHM has grown in Scotland and can help manage the growing demand for health and care services, supporting integrated care.  As part of this TEC programme workstream SCTT has developed the following:-

Publications and Reports

In 2015, the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare conducted a survey to establish a baseline of Home Health Monitoring activity. The survey helped improve knowledge and use of Home and Mobile Health Monitoring across Scotland. It also informed our National Road Map for scale up.


Below are reports on the Mobile and Home Health Monitoring Baseline Survey (2015) and Critical Success Factors for Implementation (2015).

Please click below to download these reports.




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