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Mastermind logoMastermind is a European Commission project which includes a pilot project in Scotland to provide computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for patients with mild to moderate depression.

Following positive clinical outcomes and patient feedback in Forth Valley and Tayside, Mastermind will be rolled out in Fife, Lanarkshire, Grampian and Shetland from September.

Face to face CBT has been used for many years to treat mild to moderate depression. This product is a computerised version which enables patients to receive treatment by working through an on-line package without needing the input of a therapist, although computerised CBT can be combined with face to face therapy as part of a blended approach.


Patients with depression are often lacking in motivation due to their condition. Some patients opt out of talking therapies because they do not want to wait for them or do not want to travel large distances to get there.Some patients do not like the idea of having to meet with someone face to face as is the case with talking therapies like traditional CBT. Computerised cCBT provides another option for clinicians in identifying appropriate treatments for their patients.

Furthermore, there is an ever increasing demand for mental health services for depression and access to psychological therapies could be improved by incorporating cCBT as another potential for treatment.



Referrals will come from GPs and community mental health services . The product is useful for all adults with mild to moderate depression who require a flexible treatment, that they can do from a range of different locations and also that they can access at a range of different times.

It is also suitable for patients who don’t like the idea of talking therapies and would be more comfortable doing a computerised treatment.

Some patients in very small communities are often put off by the potential embarrassment of being seen in counselling, CBT or other talking therapies setting, by someone they know. Computerised CBT can provide anonymity as it can be done from home.

For clinicians it is useful as it means that more patients can have early intervention for mild to moderate depression quickly, therefore, ensuring that patients do not opt out when they are waiting for referrals to talking therapies.



MasterMind is a European project, which explores the barriers and facilitators to the roll-out of computerised CBT. It looks at the sharing of learning and identification of the factors and best practice required in different cultural and healthcare structures to replicate this type of intervention more widely in the EU.

Mastermind can provide many benefits for both patients and clinicians, with key ones including:

  • Improved access to psychological therapies for patients.
  • Improved range of choice for patients, on the mode of therapy open to them.
  • Increased flexibility for patients in accessing psychological therapies.

Fur further information on Mastermind, please contact Chris Wright at .


For a copy of the MasterMind leaflet, please click here:


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